Therabody Theragun Mini 2.0

The smallest, lightest Theragun massage device yet

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    What you need to know

    • 20% smaller and 30% lighter than the original Therabody Theragun
    • Ultra-portable, whisper-quiet massage device designed for travel
    • 3 attachments and 3 speeds for a personalised treatment
    • Connect to the app via Bluetooth for specific routines based on your needs
    • Relieve muscle pain, fatigue and discomfort
    • Theragun is the only device proven to improve recovery, performance, sleep, mobility and stress

    2 Year Warranty Official Therabody Retailer

    Our Expert View

    Experience the relief given from faster muscle recovery and repair with the Therabody Theragun Mini 2.0. Smart percussive therapy decreases muscle soreness and fatigue while releasing stubborn tension knots. Ideal for post-workout aches and pains, integrate this handheld device into your daily routine for enhanced sleep, mobility and performance.

    Take on the percussive therapy benefits of increased blood flow and oxygen delivery to help your muscles warm up – improving both flexibility and posture. Crafted with QuietForce Technology™ and Bluetooth connectivity for on-the-go muscle therapy. Weighing less than 1.5lbs, conveniently store this palm-sized device in your purse, backpack or gym bag for instant pain relief.

    What's Inside

    • Theragun Mini 2.0
    • 3 Attachments: Standard Ball, Dampener, Thumb
    • Soft Case
    • USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable


    Our Story


    About Us



    Improve your overall muscle health with restorative at-home percussive therapy. When your muscles warm up it increases blood flow, delivering essential nutrients and oxygen straight to your cells. Flush away toxins and essentially hydrate your muscles back to health.

    Percussive therapy works muscles 60% deeper than consumer-grade vibration massagers thanks to unique scientifically-calibrated depth, speed and force. Delivering a 12mm amplitude of vibrations and pulses, the Theragun Mini comes with 3 speed varieties (1750, 2100 and 2400 PPMs) to personalise your recovery.


    Connect via Bluetooth to the Therabody App for personalised treatment routines based on your specific ailments, symptoms and preferences.

    Tailor your treatments even further by choosing an attachment to meet your needs. The Dampener Attachment is firm yet gentle, suitable for most of the body. A firmer option would be the Standard Ball, perfect for overall use on both large and small muscle groups. Designed to mimic a human thumb, the Thumb is ideal for trigger points and the lower back.


    Step 1: Secure your preferred attachment.

    Step 2: Turn on, without making contact with your skin and connect to the app via Bluetooth.

    Step 3: Select your speed.

    Step 4: Hover just above your body before applying gradual to moderate pressure.

    Step 5: Turn off when your massage is complete.

    Expert Tip: Make sure the attachment is making perpendicular contact with your skin.

    Additional Information


    • Proprietary brushless motor with QuietForce Technology™

    • Ultra-portable

    • 3 speeds (1750, 2100, 2400 PPMs)

    • Ergonomic grip

    • Internal lithium-ion battery (150 minutes)

    • 2 year warranty

    • Available in black and white

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