The Breath Co Fresh Breath Mild Mint Oral Rinse 500ml

Long lasting, fresher breath

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    What you need to know

    • Powerful, bacteria fighting mouthwash
    • Eliminates sour, bitter tastes
    • Lasts for up to 12 hours
    • Helps stop dry, sticky mouth
    • Destroys morning breath
    • Non-acidic formula with mint flavour

    What CurrentBody thinks

    Between 35 and 45% of people suffer from levels of halitotis, the name given by Listerine for bad breath.

    With a mild mint flavour, Fresh Breath rinse uses natural oxygenating OXYD-8 to destroy the bacteria that causes breath odor.

    With no alcohol or artificial flavours or colours, the Oral Rinse is vegan and vegetarian friendly, certified kosher and halal as well as being gluten free.

    Delivering fast and powerful refreshment, the rinse can last up to 12 hours so bad breath needn't be an added worry to your days.

    What's Inside

    • The Breath Co Fresh Breath Mild Mint Oral Rinse 500ml


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