Panasonic nanoe™ & Double Mineral Hair Dryer EH-NA98-K895

Professional 3-in-1 hair dryer

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    What you need to know

    • Dries hair fast while reducing damage
    • Steam technology locks in moisture and fights frizz
    • Hot and cold air flow sets your style
    • Built-in soothing scalp mode and moisturising skin mode
    • 4 temperature settings and 3-speed settings
    • Folding design is ideal for travelling

    2 Year Warranty Official Panasonic Retailerfree-gift

    What CurrentBody thinks

    The Panasonic nanoe™ & Double Mineral Hair Dryer uses clever steam technology to take care of your hair from root to ends while keeping frizz at bay and speeding up blow-drying time.

    But this isn't any ordinary hair dryer, the built-in scalp mode soothes your scalp and strengthens roots. It even has a skin mode that emits tiny nanoparticles to restore moisture to your skin.

    4 temperature settings ensure you always have the right heat for your hair type. And two different nozzle attachments mean you can style your hair any way you want, without a trip to the salon.

    What's Inside

    • Panasonic nanoe™ & Double Mineral Hair Dryer EH-NA98-K895
    • Styling nozzle
    • User manual


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    why it works

    The Panasonic nanoe™ & Double Mineral Hair Dryer EH-NA98-K895 uses smart tech to deliver professional and powerful results. The hair dryer emits nano-sized particles – supercharged with moisture – to fight frizz and hydrate your hair as you style. Zinc ions are released at the same time to make sure this moisture is sealed into the hair's cuticle for long-lasting shine and protection against heat damage.

    Intelligent temperature control means the hair dryer cleverly adjusts its heat output depending on the current room temperature, making drying your hair in hot weather much more bearable.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Gently towel dry hair and comb through.

    Step 2: Attach one of the nozzles and plug in.

    Step 3: Select your heat and speed setting and power on.

    Step 4: Section hair if easier to style.

    Step 5: Switch to scalp mode to soothe your scalp.

    Step 6: Use the facial steamer setting for 60 seconds after hair is set.

    make it personal

    With the Panasonic nanoe™ & Double Mineral Hair Dryer you can achieve the perfect blowdry at home, with 4 temperature settings and 3 speed settings to customise your styling.

    Attach the quick-dry nozzle for when you're in a hurry and need to dry hair fast. Got more time to style? The styling nozzle focuses heat where you want it to create a bouncy blowout.

    Soothe your scalp with the scalp mode. It works at a gentle 50°C to dry your roots without drying out your scalp, and restores moisture without making hair greasy. Switch to skin mode for a 60-second blast of hydrating steam.

    Discover more

    Additional Information

    Settings: 3 speeds, 4 modes (Hot/Cold Alternating Mode, Intelligent Temperature Control Mode, Scalp Care Mode, Skin Care Mode)

    Wattage (at 240V): 1800 W

    Quick-dry nozzle: Yes (Built-in)

    Foldable?: Yes

    Voltage: 220-240 V

    Body size (W x H x D): 90 x 226 x 210 mm

    Weight: Approx. 502 g (*2)

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