Mermade Hair Cutie Waver 22mm
  • Mermade Hair Cutie Waver 22mm
  • Mermade Hair Cutie Waver 22mm
  • Mermade Hair Cutie Waver 22mm
  • Mermade Hair Cutie Waver 22mm
  • Mermade Hair Cutie Waver 22mm

Cutie Waver 22mm

Get that ocean look with cute, tight waves

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  1. Mermade Hair Cutie Waver 22mm - Default title
  2. Heat Protection Glove
  3. Instruction manual
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      What you need to know:

      • Creates defined tight waves which flow in a structured way
      • Simple to use, for shorter, thinner hair
      • Ionic ceramic barrels protect hair from frizz
      • Advanced technology which heats device in 60 seconds
      • Has customisable heat settings for different levels of heat, 180°C - 210°C
      • Easy to style with clamping motion to create flowing waves

      Our Expert View

      The Mermade Hair Cutie Waver features 22mm wide barrels, which creates the cutest defined waves you wouldn't be able to achieve with any alternative tool. Mimicking the ocean, the structured flow starts at the root and beautifully flows to the ends of hair. This hair tool literally makes miracles happen if you struggle to curl your own hair, or need a quick fix when styling hair and don’t have hours to spare.

      It requires a simple manoeuvre of clamping down on the hair for 3-5 seconds at one time and then releasing to create an effortless ripple effect. The advanced barrels are made from high-grade ionic ceramic metal, which seals the hair's outer layer to retain moisture, reducing frizz and flyaways.

      You can style in peace knowing the soft handle doesn't conduct heat, so you can reach those tricky places at the back; the additional glove also helps with this.

      why it works

      This Mermade Hair Cutie Waver 22mm features high-grade ceramic coated barrels, which locks in moisture in the hair to give hair its salon finish shine. Sealing the cuticle around the hair helps to minimise damage caused by heat, reducing split ends and creating that silky smooth look we are all after.

      The design of this hair tool is clever in that it doesn't produce a 'crimp look' when styling and doesn't leave hair looking fake. It is easy to customise the temperature with the heat settings, which ranges from 180°C - 210°C. This will give you the ability to achieve different waving styles.

      It is easy to customise the temperature with the adjustable heat settings and can work on all hair types whether your hair is short or long. They can still work their magic even with different textures.

      it's as simple as

      Step 1: Brush through hair before starting the styling process.

      Step 2: Press the ON/OFF button to heat up the tool and rest on a heat-resistant flat surface.

      Step 3: Adjust the left and right buttons and always use a heat protector before use.

      Step 4: Divide hair with the Mermade Hair No-Crease Clips (Sold Separately), and clamp close to the roots for 2-5 seconds.

      Step 5: Once you have released your first clamp, re-clamp the top barrel of the wave on top of the last wave which was created. (This creates a smooth wave all the way through).

      Step 6: Brush out waves to create a beachy, effortless look and spray hair spray to set the look.

      make it personal

      We recommend trying two different ways to style hair; both create the same look.

      Flipped position: Hold thumb on the handle and hold the waver on the hair in a reversed position. This can be easier to style hair as you can see through the hair when actually styling. It is also easier to create a smoother wave and make the wave flow downwards, which is a more natural position for a wave.

      Upright position: Hold finger on the handle, and make sure the safety stand faces inward. Styling this way makes the wave move upward first and can be easier to do this way when styling friends' and family's hair.

      Additional Information

      Saftey Features:

      Safety stand on all heat tools must be used at all times.

      All heat tools should only be placed on heat-resistant material.

      Allow all heat tools to cool down before stowing away.

      Heated appliances should only be rested on heat proof surfaces.

      Do not use this appliance near bathtubs, showers, basins or other vessels containing water.

      Need some help?

      Need some help?

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