The Best At Home IPL Hair Removal Devices 2024

by Rebecca Hatton

• 05 February 2024

Take the first step towards achieving permanent hair removal at home. Replace time-consuming salon visits and costly laser hair removal appointments with the convenience of professional IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal devices offering clinic-grade results quickly and with ease—here's everything you need to get started.


What is IPL hair removal?

Through a series of continuous flashes, IPL technology produces broad beams of various light wavelengths. These beams are specifically designed to be absorbed by the melanin (pigment molecule) present in hair follicles. Once absorbed, the heat progressively weakens and destroys the hair follicle, resulting in lasting hair reduction.

When comparing IPL hair removal with laser hair removal, the key difference is accessibility. Board-Certified Dermatologist and Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, Dr. Alpana Mohta,. M.D explains, “laser requires a bulkier machine and is widely performed by trained professionals in-clinic. Whereas IPL uses a flash lamp mounted on a portable hand-held device, which is available for both clinic-based and home use.”


FOREO PEACH 2 Advanced IPL Hair Removal


Does IPL hurt?

No. IPL hair removal is typically pain free because it uses low-intensity light, with at home devices now equipped with advanced cooling air systems and UV sensors to minimise any discomfort.


Who can use IPL devices?

As grey and white hair does not contain enough melanin, IPL treatments do not work on these hair colours. Additionally, red hair contains a different type of melanin, which is also not responsive to IPL treatments. Very dark skin tones with high melanin content cannot use IPL as it may cause skin damage. Find out if your skin tone and hair colour is compatible for IPL technology here.


What to do before your hair removal session

6 weeks before, avoid plucking, waxing or bleaching to preserve the hair root and pigment. 4 to 6 weeks before, refrain from using sunbeds and apply sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) to prevent sunburn. 1 week before, remove any fake tan, while consistently exfoliating and moisturising throughout the week. 24 hours before, shave the treatment area. Right before your session, make sure your skin is clean, dry and free from product.


Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL PL5124


Choosing your device

When selecting an at home IPL hair removal device, the key factors to consider are ease of use, comfort during sessions, efficiency, skin safety and the ability to reach any area. We compare the top-performing hair removal devices on the market to help you choose your perfect match.


SmoothSkin Pure Fit 


SmoothSkin Pure Fit IPL Hair Removal Device 

The SmoothSkin Pure Fit is a groundbreaking and easy-to-use IPL device that offers visible results in just 2 weeks and up to 99% hair reduction in 12 weeks. It stands out as over 2x more powerful and 2x faster than its competitors.

Engineered with unrivalled safety features, it ensures protection for your eyes and prevents accidental flashes during treatment. With 3 comfort modes to suit your needs and 10 intensity levels, it provides personalised and safe treatment for light to medium dark skin tones.

Powered by Smart Skin Sensing Technology, it continuously adapts to your skin tone for best results. Its high controlled Energy System and patented Active Air Cooling Technology deliver efficient, comfortable sessions.

The SmoothSkin Pure Fit is a versatile, all-in-one device, suitable for treating both body and face, with a full body treatment taking just 10 minutes. With a remarkable 89% of users experiencing over 90% hair reduction after 12 weeks, this device delivers outstanding results.

 SmoothSkin Pure Mini


SmoothSkin Pure Mini IPL Hair Removal Device

The SmoothSkin Pure Mini is a powerful, compact and easy-to-use IPL device which offers up to 97% hair reduction in 12 weeks. With visible results in 4 weeks, 94% of users experienced noticeable hair reduction.

Engineered with safety features to ensure protection for your eyes and prevent accidental flashes during treatment. With an advanced UV Filter to safeguard your skin and 2 comfort modes for different treatment experiences, it offers a comfortable, personalised and safe approach.

The patented Precision Adaptor allows easy treatment of smaller areas. With 3 intensity levels and automated skin tone adjustment, it caters to a range of light and medium dark skin tones.

The SmoothSkin Pure Mini treats both body and face and provides a full body treatment in just 10 minutes. Powered by High Controlled Energy System and patented Active Air Cooling Technology, it ensures efficient and safe power delivery. The Smart Skin Sensing Technology adapts treatments to your skin tone for personalised, effective results.

 SmoothSkin Bare+ Hair Removal


SmoothSkin Bare+ Ultrafast IPL Device

Introducing the SmoothSkin Bare+ Ultrafast, one of the fastest device on the market with an impressive 100 flashes per minute. An entire body session takes only 10 minutes, making it ultrafast and efficient. With unlimited flashes, you never have to worry about running out. Its built-in sensor ensures safe usage on appropriate skin tones, providing a safe and comfortable experience.

The device offers 30% extra energy, delivering 4 J/cm² of power for noticeable results in 4 weeks makes it a powerful and effective choice. 

Designed with sleek modern style and ergonomic features, it offers comfortable treatments. Equipped with 'Stamp' and 'Glide' modes, it provides quick and easy treatment options, ideal for legs, bikini line, underarms and face.

 Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL P5124


Braun Silk·expert Pro 5 IPL Hair Removal Device PL5124

The Braun Silk·expert Pro 5 IPL Hair Removal Device PL5124 offers an advanced at home solution for permanent hair removal. With advanced technology and proven results, this device offers effortless and effective treatments.

It's designed to provide safe and precise hair removal on various body areas, including legs, arms, underarms and face. Boasting a high-precision skin tone sensor, it automatically adjusts the intensity to ensure optimal treatment for your specific skin tone. The device also features 400,000 flashes, which translates to a lifetime of full body treatments.

The ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling, while the ultrafast flashes make a full body treatment achievable in just 10 minutes.




FOREO PEACH 2 Advanced IPL Hair Removal

The FOREO PEACH 2 Advanced IPL Hair Removal is the fastest, and one of the most simple and effective ways to achieve long-term hair removal. With more power, larger treatment window and built-in skin cooling system, it ensures a comfortable and painless experience; even in sensitive areas.

FOREO PEACH 2 delivers up to 120 flashes per minute, minimising missed spots during treatment. Its T-Sonic™ Pulsations aid in hair follicle penetration and stimulate healthy blood flow for radiant skin.

With 2 modes for face and body, 5 intensities and a self-adjusting head, it caters to all areas effortlessly. The integrated UV filtration system ensures safety for permanent hair reduction in just 12 weeks.


IPL comparison


Comparing the results of at home IPL hair removal devices 

Best Performing: The FOREO PEACH 2 stands out for its exceptional performance power. With a remarkably short treatment time of just once every 2 weeks, it’s ideal in terms of convenience. Not only that, but you can also expect quick results from the very first session. As an added advantage, it requires the lowest number of maintenance usages after the initial 12 weeks of treatments, ensuring a hassle-free hair removal experience. 


 Hair removal comparison


Comparing IPL technology

Best Technology: The SmoothSkin Pure Fit sets itself apart with an impressive 130 flashes per minute for time-efficient sessions. 3 selectable modes cater for both larger and smaller areas, while 10 intensity levels offer personalised treatments based on your specific melanin content. Along with being a highly versatile choice, this device also offers unlimited flashes for as many hair removal sessions you need.


Hair Removal Comparison 


Comparing IPL hair removal device features

Best Features: The SmoothSkin Pure Fit, SmoothSkin Pure Mini and Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 PL5124 offer equally impressive features. Each device includes a Precision Head Attachment for reaching challenging areas like the bikini line, knees, toes and upper lip. Additionally, they feature a 'Gentle' mode for sensitive skin, a UV Filter for enhanced skin protection, Skin Sensing Technology for intensity adjustment based on melanin, and Cooling Systems for added comfort during sessions.

 SmoothSkin Pure Fit


Our top choice of 2024: SmoothSkin Pure Fit 

In terms of efficiency, adaptability and efficacy, the SmoothSkin Pure Fit only requires 1 session every 2 weeks, resulting in a remarkable 99% hair reduction in just 12 weeks—making it the fastest amongst home-use devices. After the initial 12 weeks, maintenance sessions are needed only once every 4 to 8 weeks. With the ‘Gentle’ mode and 10 adjustable intensities guided by Smart Skin Sensing Technology, it offers customisable IPL sessions without the guesswork. Suitable for both body and face, it’s the fastest and most powerful choice for head-to-toe hair removal from home.

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