NIRA Pro Laser Exclusive Launch

• 21 July 2022

At CurrentBody, we’re delighted to be the exclusive retailer for the launch of the NIRA Pro Laser. If you want to transform ageing skin on your face, neck, chest and hands, this incredible device lets you treat large areas quickly, for minimised wrinkles in just 3 minutes a day.

Reduce the look of brow 11s, laugh lines, brow furrows, cleavage creases and more with results you’ll love in under 90 days.

But what is the NIRA Pro Laser?

The NIRA Pro home laser device is a new product from NIRA. As part of their mission to make the powerful skincare tools available to the home user, they have now expanded their line of skin renewing devices.

This joins the already popular original NIRA Laser with the small, precision head. In just 3 minutes a day - by heating the deep layers of the skin- the NIRA Pro Laser uses non-fractional, patented laser technology to help your body make new plumping collagen.

We lose this essential component as we age, making wrinkles and fine lines look more profound. Now with a compact and easy-to-use wand, banish wrinkles and boost the elasticity in the skin in the areas it is most needed.

In just 90 days, users loved their results and we’re sure you will too. Scroll down to see some of the impressive results that the NIRA Pro Laser has delivered for both young and mature skin alike. The before and afters are amazing.

How does the NIRA Pro Laser work?

The original NIRA Laser and the NIRA Pro Laser both work based on proven laser light therapy methods. This sends precise beams of light to warm up your cells. (Don’t worry, it's completely pain-free.)

When the cells warm, they start producing collagen again. It’s one of our body’s trauma responses. And it’s easy to trigger with laser light. That collagen fills in the wrinkles on your face, hands, neck or chest. This makes them less deep and not as easy to see. Refinery29 explains “that laser treatments for skin rejuvenation are effective and can produce instant results but multiple sessions are usually required.”

So, having a professional-grade device at home means you can benefit from the longer-term results too. You can see a difference in just a few days but minimising wrinkles and fine lines completely will take about 8-12 weeks to develop. And when you maintain your treatments each day for 3 minutes per area; see that glowing, more plump skin you want within 90 days.

How do you use the NIRA Pro Laser?

Always start with clean and dry skin. Turn on the device and choose from the 5 power levels. You should feel something when you treat the skin, but not pain. Lay the tip flat against the skin on your treatment area. This might be the back of your hands, neck, face or chest.

You’ll hear two beeps. And that’s when you know to move to the next section. The NIRA Pro Laser can be combined with the original NIRA Laser to help you treat large and small areas during one session. Just keep placing the device, hearing the beeps and moving to the next section until your whole treatment area has been flashed.

Then pop on NIRA's Hyaluronic Acid Serum to lock in moisture and enhance the immediate and longer-term effects. Do this every day for fresh, bright and plump skin that looks more youthful in just a few weeks.

What are the NIRA Pro Laser results on younger skin?You can see in the before and after photos above that the NIRA Pro Laser helps younger skin look more fresh, glowing and plump.

Even though these users doesn’t have deep-set wrinkles, the creases around her eyes and nose have been drastically minimised and her whole face looks revitalised and bright.

NIRA Pro Laser results on mature skin

On mature skin, we see even more dramatic results. In the before photo, this user’s eyes are sunken, darkened and framed by deep wrinkles.

In just 90 days, you can see the dramatic difference the NIRA Pro Laser had on her wrinkles, crow's feet, laugh lines, dark circles and more. Her skin also looks more even-toned and with a depth not seen in the first photo.

Shop the NEW and exclusive NIRA Pro Laser for more plump and youthful skin like these users in just 90 days or the original NIRA Laser. Check out the full anti-ageing collection at CurrentBody for even more rejuvenating devices.

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